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                                          is an annual event hosted by the NC State College of Design highlighting student innovations in fashion and design. In 2021, in lieu of an in-person runway show, Art2Wear was to be held virtually.

In early January, I was asked to lead the production of Art2Wear 2021, for a final live showing in June. 

After countless hours in Zoom, many masked brainstorming sessions, scheduling and rescheduling meetings, we decided that our initial concept - an hour's worth of heavily choreographed runway sequences - was an exceedingly mundane representation of the vibrant and exceptional people and projects we were tasked with spotlighting.

We realized (thankfully,) that we had the unique opportunity to capture the entire design process these 7 designers were about to undertake. 

For six months we shot, cut, reshot, recut, planned, failed, improvised, lamented, rejoiced, wept with joy, and attempted to do justice to the "beast" we'd just undertaken.  


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