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10.21.23 16:23 Shiptime

Hi Fam,

Wanted to share some pics from late:

We left Greece Thursday bound for the Suez Canal. We're slated to transit on the 23rd, but that could change tonight, who knows if we'll actually go through. A lot is up in the air because of the latest world war... Should have some info in the next few days.

Could be dire consequences if we don't transit - extreme restructuring of the voyage...

Nonetheless Greece was great! Olivia's mom and dad were there, we hung out a lot, went to Agistri island one day. Liv ran "the" marathon on Day 1. We rented a car in Piraeus and drove to Marathon - dropped her at the starting marker and followed her the whole way there. It was a hellish route - hot, traffic, highway. She struggled but made it all 26 miles in the end.

Also got to catch up with John - journalist from last voyage I covered the train crash with. Was fun to see him - we got lunch one day in Athens.

I joined a field class the last day with Avi Spiegel, a professor from San Diego. He reminds me of Shuford. We took a ferry to Aegina island.

Feeling good, uncertain of how things will proceed but safe and happy.

much good love,


Agistri island

Sengs in Athens

Agistri island

Me and John in Athens

Avi (right) and caretaker of ruins (left)

Cecily (left) and Josie (right) after giving me a hair makeover

Liv after marathon

Life boat drill!

Me and Liv's dad, Chris, in Barcelona

rented a boat in Malta!

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