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Since 1963, Semester at Sea (SAS) and the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) have offered university-aged students multi-country study abroad programs unlike any other global educational travel experience. 

For four months, twice a year, a passenger cruise ship harboring over 500 students, 60 faculty and staff and almost 200 crew members sets sail to nearly a dozen different countries. 

Beginning in the '90s, SAS has hired one individual to tell the story of the voyage through film. 

Early on this meant an hour-long documentary filmed on Betacams and delivered months after disembarkation.


Now however, the role has evolved to prioritize high-quality, engaging, ever-green digital video content and in the Fall of 2022, I was hired as the videographer for the 131st and 132nd voyages of Semester at Sea. 

Pre-production occured in the weeks leading up to embarkation, with the knowledge that changes were inevitable.

High priority pieces were a 2-3 minute brand sizzle, and the biannual "End of Voyage" recap video.

Sporatic internet access and fluxuating timezones made for an active, engaging and unpredictable work environment.


End ofvoyage 132

end ofvoyage 131


FIELD classes

student voices

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